[Aidan C. Gordon]
Aidan C. Gordon
University of British Columbia
BASc (Engineering)
Canadian Society of Engineering Management (CSEM)
Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC)
GORDON CRANE & HOIST, Vancouver, B.C. (1986 - present)
General Manager
Overall responsibility for a full service overhead crane speciality company. Gordon Crane is the exclusive Western Canadian representative for American Crane and Equipment Company of Pennsylvania and Canadian Overhead Handling (COH), Canada's largest crane maker, specializing in large capacity and true production duty crane design and fabrication.
Projects completed:
Fletcher Challenge Canada (Norske-Skog)
Conceptual design for the material handling aspects of the rework of the No. 2 Bleach Plant at Elk Falls. Project required two 60,000 lb overhead cranes and a load transfer system operating at different elevations, in very tight headroom conditions.
MacMillan Bloedel (NorskeCanada) - Powell River Division
Project Supervision for the upgrade of two 50 ton Machine Room cranes to 80 ton capacity. These 100 ft span cranes had to be upgraded during normal operating conditions for the Machine Room, i.e. 140(F and almost 100% humidity. The 2 wheel end-trucks were converted to 4 wheel compensating bogies to reduce the load on the runway structure. The girders were reinforced top and bottom. New drives and new electrical control panels were installed. Three new COH 40 ton CSA Class C open drum hoists and trolleys were supplied for each crane.
Approximate project value: $1.9 million
MacMillan Bloedel (NorskeCanada) - Port Alberni Division
Project Manager for the supply of eight new cranes for the Nexgen Project during the No. 5 Paper Machine upgrade. The largest crane being a 85 Tonne (2 x 45 tonne) Class D Reel Crane making a capacity lift every 25 minutes 24 hours per day 7 days a week. The crane featured a removable motorized spreader bar, Allen Bradley 500 series EEMAC rated controls, Radio Remote Control, auto-positioning limit switches for locating the twin hooks directly over the centreline of the machine.
Approximate project value: $2.0 million.
MacMillan Bloedel (NorskeCanada) - Port Alberni Division
Project Manager for the design, fabrication and supply of a new 85 tonne Class C Roll Storage Crane. The crane featured variable frequency drives, twin high speed auxiliary 5 ton hoists and trolleys. This project also required a 75 ton battery operated motorized transfer car.
Approximate project value: $500,000.00
Fletcher Challenge Canada (NorskeCanada) - Crofton, BC
Upgrade of a 2 x 12.5 ton crane in the #2 Kraft Machine Room to a 26 ton crane with each hoist capable of a 26 ton lift (over double the original rated capacity). The trolley frames were reinforced, the rope drums replaced to permit longer cables, the hoist re-reeved, new lower blocks supplied, the hoist motor replaced, the gearboxes overhauled and the electrical panels replaced.
Approximate project value: $100,000.00
Project Manager for the design and fabrication of a 2 x 7.5 ton CMAA Class D steel handling crane at the Surrey, BC facility of IPSCO. The crane features radio remote control and variable frequency drive, and is operating 18 hours a day seven days a week.
Approximate project value: $150,000.00
Western Pulp Limited Partnership - Port Alice Division
Design, fabrication and installation two 30 tonne Bleach Plant Cranes, in a highly corrosive environment. These cranes were specially designed to withstand hash chemical attack and prolonged exposure to 100% humidity.
Approximate project value: $200,000.00
Lafarge Canada - Richmond, BC
Local Site Co-ordinator for supply and installation of a COH fully computer controlled 18 ton CMAA Class E (Severe Duty) 100 ft span bucket duty crane featuring full VFD operation on all motions. The crane operates in a highly abrasive concrete dust environment. The crane features a 200 Hp Hoist motor to provide a bucket speed of 160 ft/min. All operations of the crane are controlled from the plant computer which requests delivery of up to 8 different materials. On board load sensors monitor the weight and calculate the volume of material feeding the plant. Sonar sensors allow the crane to keep level profiles in each storage bin.
Approximate project value: $1.8 million.
Western Pulp Limited Partnership - Port Alice
Project Manager for the replacement of Runway Rail in highly corrosive Beach Plant. 400 lineal feet of rail and hook bolts had to be removed, the beams cleaned and painted and the new rail installed using Nelson Studs and Gantrex rail pad and adjustable rail clips. The project had to be performed very quickly to minimize the potential for downtime at the Mill.
Approximate project value: $100,000.00
Crestbrook Forest Industries - Skookumchuck, BC
On site refurbishment and upgrade of a 30 tonne Crane in the Bleach Plant, including full overhaul of the hoists and trolleys, and replacement of all electrical components.
Approximate project value: $50,000.00
Confidential Client
Supervision of remedial work on 90 ton Peco Log Handling Crane following debilitating incident. Work included full electrical and mechanical inspection of Crane; issuance of report and recommendations; Co-ordination with client for rebuilding of twin DC hoist motors; implementation of fail-safe emergency circuits; review of DC Drive and PLC Software for compliance; final load test; recertification and recommissoning of production duty crane in minimal time.
Placer Dome - Vancouver, BC
Project Manager for the supply of fourteen overhead cranes for the Dome Mine Expansion Project in Timmins, Ontario.
Approximate project value: $650,000.00
Cominco - Vancouver, BC
Project Manager for the supply of 21 hoists and trolleys for the Red Dog Mine VIP program in Alaska.
Celgar Pulp Company - Castlegar, BC
Project Manager for the supply of 35 hoists and trolleys for the Celgar Modernization Project
MUNCK CANADA LTD. Vancouver, BC (1978 to 1980)
Crane Technician
Trained as a Crane Technician, troubleshooting faults, on site repairs and in shop rebuilds.
WESTERN CRANES Ltd., North Vancouver, BC (1975 to 1978)
Apprentice Crane Technician