[James C. Gordon]
James C. Gordon
With over 35 years of experience in the overhead crane and hoist industry, James C. Gordon is the president of Gordon Crane & Hoist, based in Vancouver, BC. He attained his Industrial Mechanical Engineering diploma from Kings College, Durham University in England in 1954. James is a registered Chartered Engineer in England and was elected as a Fellow to the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC). Prior to this honour, he began as a member of the E.I.C. in 1975 and became Chairman of the Western Canada Branch of I. Mech. E. in 1985. In the same year he was elected Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and in 1990 was elected Chairman of the Vancouver Branch of the E.I.C. James' work has been in a variety of companies, with his vast experience culminating in the creation and operation of Gordon Crane & Hoist.
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