[James C. Gordon]
James C. Gordon
ONC: Gateshead Technical College, England
1948 HNC: Rutherford College of Technology, England
1954 Mechanical Engineering Diploma: Kings College, Durham University, England
1952 Institution of. Mech. Engineers. Part A-Part C External Exam, England
1962 A.E.I. Staff Course Diploma: Corpus Christi College, England
Corporate Member I. Mechanical Engineer, England
1965 Registered Chartered Engineer, England
1975 Member E.I.C. CSME, Canada
1985 Chairman Western Canada Branch I.Mech.E.
1985 Elected Fellow Institution of Mechanical Engineers
1990 Chairman Vancouver Branch E.I.C.
1995 Elected Fellow E.I.C.
1996 Appointed Corresponding Member Western Canada for Chartered Inst.of Mech. Engineers
2000 Elected Life Member E.I.C.
Bren Manufacturing Co - 5 Year apprenticeship.
Aitons of Derby - Thermal Power Station
- Junior Engineer: Dunston B' Thermal Powerstation First UK Power Station with re-heat and all welded pipework system
Vickers Armstrongs - Section Leader: Naval Armaments & Hydraulic Research
B.T.H. Co. - Designer: Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Development
Associated Electrical Industries - Machinery Shops Superintendent
Munck international Norway - Production Manager : Heavy Crane Fabrication Plant
Total Transportation Systems (London) - System Design Engineer / Materials Handling
Munck International Norway - General Manager U.K. Division
1983 Gordon Crane & Hoist - Materials Handling / President
General Manager with overall responsibility for the UK operation of one of the largest overhead crane and hoist manufacturers in Europe, Munck International, based in Bergen Norway. Project Supervisor and Lead Engineer on numerous high profile crane projects in Britain including the first computer controlled AS/AR (automated warehouse) facilities.
Projects completed:
British Airways (BOAC-BEA) - London, England
Project Manager for the design, fabrication and installation of a fully automatic Cargo Storage Crane Facility (now AS/AR) at Heathrow Airport.
Approximate Project Value: $3 million
Ford Motor Company - Dagenham, England
Project Manager for the design, fabrication and installation of a fully automatic warehouse Crane Facility (now AS/AR) at Ford Motor Company's largest European High Bay Facility. This was the highest AS/AR project in the world at that time.
Approximate Project Value: $5.5 million.
Eastman Kodak - Harrow, England
Project Manager for the design, fabrication and installation of a fully automatic Storage Crane Facility (now AS/AR) in the sensitized film, bulk storage facility.
Approximate Project Value: $1.5 million
Victoria Machinery Depot - Victoria, BC
Project Manager and Lead Engineer for complete strip down and rebuild of a 100 ton log handling crane and conversion to a heavy duty machine shop crane including shortening of the span.
Approximate Project Value: $200,000.00
Alcan Smelters and Chemicals - Kitimat, BC
Project Manager 135 ton transfer crane, complete with 2 x 75 ton motorized spreader bars.
Fletcher Challenge Canada (Norske-Skog)
Conceptual design for the material handling aspects of the rework of the No. 2 Bleach Plant at Elk Falls. Project required two 60,000 lb overhead cranes and a load transfer system operating at different elevations, in very tight headroom conditions.
MacMillan Bloedel (NorskeCanada) - Powell River Division
Lead Engineer for the upgrade of two 50 ton Machine Room cranes to 80 ton capacity. These 100 ft span cranes had to be upgraded during normal operating conditions for the Machine Room, i.e. 140(F and almost 100% humidity. The 2 wheel end-trucks were converted to 4 wheel compensating bogies to reduce the load on the runway structure. The girders were reinforced top and bottom. New drives and new electrical control panels were installed. Three new COH 40 ton CSA Class C open drum hoists and trolleys were supplied for each crane.
Approximate project value: $1.9 million
Quintette Coal Ltd. - Tumbler Ridge, BC
Project Manager for the fabrication and supply of a 18 overhead cranes up to 50 tonne capacity for the North East Coal Project.
Approximate project value: $1,000,000.00
Fletcher Challenge Canada (NorskeCanada) - Crofton, BC
Lead Engineer for the upgrade of a 2 x 12.5 ton crane in the #2 Kraft Machine Room to a 26 ton crane with each hoist capable of a 26 ton lift (over double the original rated capacity). The trolley frames were reinforced, the rope drums replaced to permit longer cables, the hoist re-reeved, new lower blocks supplied, the hoist motor replaced, the gearboxes overhauled and the electrical panels replaced.
Approximate project value: $100,000.00
Dycore - Saudi Arabia
Lead Engineer and Project Manager for design, supply and installation of 20 cranes required a new Concrete Plant in Saudi Arabia.
Approximate project value: $1.0 million